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Users will be liable to indemnify ACL IT Academy from liability for any intimidation or experienced from Study Group admin or other learners.
ACL IT Academy may suspend without refund any user/group admin without exception who is found to be intimidating any other user of on ACL IT Academy, any user sending profanities.
Learners may not be charged for taking learning as part of a Study Group, either directly or indirectly. Messaging as part of the Course service shall not be used to intimidate, abuse, insult learners. There will be no refund on early termination of paid add on services. It is at the discretion of ACL IT Academy as to whether a discount may be given on changed add on service.
ACL IT Academy will have no liability for lost data, tracking or unavailable site or services. Free services may be changed to paid services at the discretion of ACL IT Academy. In such event service will remain free for user until end of current annual renewal and no longer. Fair usage of ACL IT Academy Course Study is assumed, and where a user is causing a disproportionate draw on ACL IT Academy systems a Course may be suspended or withdrawn. A learner registering on ACL IT Academy as part of an ACL IT Academy Course is separately a member of the ACL IT Academy Free or paid Learning Community. The instigator of the registration has no rights to the learner with regards to the usage of the site or otherwise. Users may not use profanity course Group naming. All General Terms and Conditions (above) are also agreed to.