Python : Beginner to Advanced

Python is a general-purpose, portable scripting/programming language with high-level programming capabilities.

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What Will I Learn?

Curriculum For This Course
Module 1 : The Basics
5 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Introduction to Python
  • Python installation & configuration
  • Primitive data types
  • Container objects & their mutability
  • Operators - Arithmetic, Bitwise, Comparison, Operator precedence
  • Conditional statements - If, Else, Elif
  • Loops - While, For & Range
  • Break, continue & pass statements
  • String as an object : basics & revision
  • String : inbuilt methods
  • String formatting
  • List basics, methods, operations & comprehensions
  • Tuple basics, methods, operations & comprehensions
  • Dictionary basics, methods, operations & comprehensions
  • Set basics, methods & operations
  • Method creation
  • Parameter (default, keyword & arbitrary) passing
  • Iterators, Generators, Lambda (nameless) functions
  • Map, Reduce, Filter
  • Recursion
  • OOP Paradigm
  • Classes & objects
  • Inheritance & Polymorphism
  • Data Encapsulation & Abstraction
  • Virtual & static methods
  • Magic (dunder) methods & Decorators
  • Introduction to file handling using Python
  • File reading & writing
  • Buffered read & write
  • Why we need exceptions
  • Custom exception handlers
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Why ACL?

ACL Academy offers right IT professional courses with competent and experienced IT trainers. We have a wide variety of IT courses, which includes both the latest and traditional technologies. From core programming languages like C/C++/Java, C#, dot net, SQL, to trending topics of data science with Python, R and big data, and also high-end tech courses like web development Django, BlockChain, DevOps, Cloud computing, AI and Machine Learning, IoT, Robotics & Automation.  Here we create career successful job-ready professionals with all-around the progress of candidates through resume preparation, job assistance, improved presentation, communicational skills, and interview preparation techniques. Our intermingled learning approach combines classroom training, online classes, instructor-led live virtual classrooms, project work, and teaching assistants. We at ACL IT Academy understand and believe in building a personal relationship while helping you make your professional career.

You will experience state-of-the-art infrastructure Labs with audio-visual and tele-video conference aids. We arrange small class size for focused instruction with real-life project exposure. We also facilitate onsite library and web-based e-library and a students’ Learning Management System.

Course Overview

It is very easily learned due to its English-like easily understandable syntax. Since it includes features of both C & Java, that is, it combines both procedural & object-oriented paradigms, it is the choice of many programmers to learn. Combined with excellent third-party libraries & modules & APIs from almost all major providers, Python provides excellent scope in learning of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing.

Career Opportunity

Python is currently the fastest-growing general-purpose language in the world.

  • As a fresher Python programmer, one is eligible for jobs like software engineer, front-end software/web developer, Python developer or programmer, or DevOps engineer. Since demand in Python development is high, fresher salaries are also high, starting from a fresher remuneration of 3.5 LPA to higher, for most companies.
  • As an Experienced Python developer, one can easily expect much higher packages. The fact that Python integrates well with other languages is a matter of great advantage since, with expertise in Python, expertise in other integrated technologies come at no additional cost. For example, Python provides Jython, its own implementation of JVM & Cython, that of C/C++.
  • Python developers can find employment in a wide array of development fields like website programming development, desktop application development, GUI application development, system administration software development, software testing.
  • Python has a very extensive collection standard & third-party libraries & tools to enhance & optimize the various functionalities of Python language & Python codes. Some of these important python libraries & tools are Tkinter, Scipy, matplotlib, Pygame, PyQT, PyGTK, Scrappy. This coupled with the fact, Python has the largest community support & developer base currently makes it the most desirable skill to have right now.
  • Python provides the best code readability as compared to all programming languages. In fact, Python programming is also called Pseudocode programming. Also, codes written in Python programming language take up much fewer lines thus code overhead. This makes understanding even the most complex programs in Python much easier.
  • All upcoming cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning use Python as their language of choice. This is a testament to the above fact.
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  • Sat, 04-Apr-2020
    Souhityo Das
    An excellent course in Python covering all the topics of my academic as well as interview preparations. The trainer is a master of python with special approaches to all the problems. Very nice.... ACL!!!
  • Sat, 04-Apr-2020
    Kundan Kumar singh
    I have completed this course. It is very helpful for my college project on python. Thank you sir.
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