Analytics and Visualization with Tableau

In the field of Data Visualization, Tableau & Power BI are the two industry standards that data scientists cannot live without.

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What Will I Learn?

Curriculum For This Course
Business Intelligence: An Introductory Note
0 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Tableau: What, Why, How?
  • Characteristics of Tableau
  • Tableau Architecture and components
  • What is workbook?
  • What is dashboard?
  • What is worksheet?
  • What is Stories?
  • When to use workbook, dashboard & Stories?
  • Types of Data Connections in Tableau
  • Connect to Live Data connection
  • Connect to Extract Data connection in Tableau
  • Creation of Extract file in Tableau
  • Data Join: What, Why, How?
  • Type of Joins
  • Which type is applicable in what situation?
  • Data Blending: What, Why, How?
  • Joining vs Blending
  • Illustrations with examples
  • Line Chart
  • Blended Axis
  • Dual Line Graphs
  • Dual Axis vs Blended Axis
  • Vertical & Horizontal Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Tree Maps, Heat Maps, Filed Maps
  • What is Geo-Coding and implementation
  • Importing External Custom Geo coding
  • Symbol Maps
  • What is Filter?
  • Filters on Dimensions
  • Use of WildCards
  • Context Filter,Global Filter & Quick Filter
  • Filtering on Source
  • Parameters: What, Why, How?
  • Parameter Controls
  • Dynamically Show and Hide Sheets with Parameter
  • Bins & Groups: What, Why, When?
  • Editing Existing Group
  • Sets: What, Why, When?
  • Types of Sets
  • What is Tableau Calculation
  • INDEX (),RANK (),LAST(),FIRST() Functions
  • RUNNING_SUM, WINDOW_SUM Calculations
  • String Calculations
  • Boolean Calculations
  • DATE Calculations
  • What is Trend Analysis
  • Linear Model
  • Exponential Model
  • Polynomial Model
  • Logarithmic Model
  • What is Fore Casting and implementation
  • What is Reference Line
  • Lines, Bands, Distributions
  • Boxplot
  • What is Aggregation
  • When to use Aggregation
  • What is Disaggregation
  • When to use Disaggregation.
  • What is a Hierarchy?
  • Relation between Drill downs, Roll ups and Hierarchies.
  • What are Automatic Hierarchies?
  • How to create Custom Hierarchy in Tableau?
  • Removing Hierarchy
  • What is dashboard
  • Different component
  • How to create and modify dashboard
  • What is Storytelling
  • Different Components of Story and their implementation
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Course Overview

These two softwares are known for their simplicity despite being extremely powerful for data visualization & presentation. Tableau is a Data Visualization software mostly used for Business Intelligence & Data Analysis. Power BI, on the other hand, developed by Microsoft, is a flexible business analytics tool for visualizing and analyzing a wide variety of data. Compatibility of Power BI with multiple analytics tools, including Excel, SQL Server, & cloud-based data repositories makes it an excellent choice for data visualization. Both of these have simple drag and drop interfaces & can be used to create interactive graphs, charts & presentations to gain business insights.

Career Opportunity

  • Data visualization is a must-have skill for visualization analysts, who usually serve as specialists in data science projects. You have ample career opportunity as a data visualization engineer to focus on designing and developing of solutions that provide fact-based analysis to business executives to identify patterns and trends which are generally concealed under large amounts of data.
  • Business Intelligence Analysts & Data Analysts focusing on analyzing business requirements & developing functional specifications require Tableau & Power BI skills for building reports, dashboards, charts, graphs & models to analyze data, report, & present them visually, based on which important decisions are taken.
  • There is huge scope in this domain in terms of career, since, visualizations are processed by the human brain much faster than text. Visualization engineers proficient in Tableau & Power BI make the whole process easier for everyone involved, therefore there is much importance in data visualization. Data visualization engineers can expect a salary of 3-4 LPA in India. 
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