AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning with Python

Artificial Intelligence makes computers or computer-controlled robots or software programs think intelligently on their own.

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What Will I Learn?

Curriculum For This Course
Overview of Python
5 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Getting Started in Python
  • When to Use List vs. Tuples vs. Set vs. Dictionary
  • Dictionary, User-Defined Functions
  • Control Statements and Loops
  • Concept of OOP in Python
  • Introduction
  • Machine Learning Categories
  • Frameworks for Building Machine Learning Systems
  • KDD vs. CRISP-DM vs. SEMMA
  • Machine Learning Python Packages
  • Machine Learning Perspective of Data
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  • Supervised Learning– Regression
  • Supervised Learning – Classification
  • ROC Curve Fitting, Gradient Descent, Regularization
  • Supervised Learning – Process Flow
  • Decision Trees, Support Vector Machine (SVM), k Nearest Neighbors (kNN), Time-Series Forecasting
  • Unsupervised Learning Process Flow
  • Clustering, K-means, Finding Value of k, Hierarchical Clustering, PCA
  • Model Diagnosis and Tuning
  • Cross-Validation
  • Ensemble Methods: Bagging, Boosting, Stacking, Hyper-parameter Tuning
  • Data Assemble (Text)
  • Data Pre-processing (Text)
  • Data Exploration (Text)
  • Model Building
  • Text Similarity
  • Text Clustering: Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA)
  • Topic Modeling: Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA), Non-negative Matrix Factorization
  • Text Classification
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Deep Natural Language Processing (DNLP)
  • Recommender Systems: Content-Based Filtering, Collaborative Filtering (CF), Hybrid System
  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
  • Perceptron – Single Artificial Neuron
  • Multilayer Perceptrons (Feedforward Neural Network)
  • Restricted Boltzman Machines (RBM)
  • MLP Using Keras
  • Autoencoders: Dimension Reduction, De-noise Image
  • Convolution Neural Network (CNN)
  • Recurrent Neural Network (RNN): Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM)
  • Concept of Transfer Learning & Reinforcement Learning
  • Basic Concept of Data Science
  • Working Knowledge of Python Programming
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Why ACL?

ACL Academy offers right IT professional courses with competent and experienced IT trainers. We have a wide variety of IT courses, which includes both the latest and traditional technologies. From core programming languages like C/C++/Java, C#, dot net, SQL, to trending topics of data science with Python, R and big data, and also high-end tech courses like web development Django, Blockchain, DevOps, Cloud computing, AI and Machine Learning, IoT, Robotics & Automation.  Here we create career successful job-ready professionals with all-around the progress of candidates through resume preparation, job assistance, improved presentation, communication skills, and interview preparation techniques. Our intermingled learning approach combines classroom training, online classes, instructor-led live virtual classrooms, project work, and teaching assistants. We at ACL IT Academy understand and believe in building a personal relationship while helping you make your professional career.

You will experience state-of-the-art infrastructure Labs with audio-visual and tele-video conference aids. We arrange small class size for focused instruction with real-life project exposure. We also facilitate onsite library and web-based e-library and a students’ Learning Management System.

Course Overview

According to John McCarthy, the father of Artificial Intelligence, it is the “science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.

. Artificial Intelligence mimics the nature & the intricate workings of the human brain to learn, decide, & solve real-world scalable problems, therefore it is a study of various advanced disciplines such as Computer Science, Biology, Psychology, Linguistics, Mathematics, & Engineering. Common aspects of human intelligence like reasoning, learning, and problem-solving are also closely related to it.

Machine Learning is one of the smartest career choices today. According to a recent report from Gartner, there will be about 2.3 million jobs in Machine Learning by 2020, according to a recent report from Gartner. Also, LinkedIn’s 2018 Emerging Jobs Report shows that there are about 9.8 times more Machine Learning specialists working today than five years ago with around 50,000 open positions on their site. Machine Learning is generating more jobs than candidates right now, & since it is a comparatively recent & unique field, career prospects in this field are definitely very promising.

Career Opportunity

As a specialist in Artificial Intelligence, you can have a bright future ahead of you.

  • AI specialists can be hired in various fields including but not limited to Machine Learning Engineering, Data Science, Business Intelligence Development, Big Data Engineering & overall research. In machine learning, it is absolutely necessary to be an AI expert because there is some overall in both domains. Data scientists & big data engineers also have to frequently devise algorithms using AI methodologies, so mastery over AI is a big plus in those domains also.
  • With great expertise in AI comes great employment. AI experts have high demands in business fields & are frequently hired by tech giants like Amazon, Nvidia, Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, Intel, Uber, Facebook, etc.
  • Various platforms & websites now use chat bots, which are powered by AI. Therefore, as an AI expert, you can have a career in chat bot development. In cyber security & fraud detection, AI concepts like Recurrent Neural Networks have been used frequently. AI has also been successfully used in object detection & face detection, using which autonomous vehicles have been constructed. The field of digital marketing & advertising has also been influenced by AI. Overall, this is a very exciting time to be working in AI.
  • Specific to India, there has been recently a boom in social welfare & development using Artificial Intelligence methodologies. Initiatives undertaken by the Prime Minister of India has been known to use AI algorithms for the betterment of rural & urban landscapes. 
  • Machine learning courses can help programmers to write software programs for different purposes, including operating systems, network distribution, and for converting programs into executable files. So as a machine learning specialist, you can gain employment in a large number of fields like software engineering, software development & software maintenance.
  • Machine learning experts are frequently employed to create human-centered developing systems to process information & recognize patterns. Programming the machine to learn so that it can closely follow the preferences of a human & provide content based on his/her choices is the result of machine learning alone, & this is being used by video rental services like Netflix & Amazon. So machine learning is a lucrative field right now.
  • <!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->For various analytics fields like Data Science, Data Analytics, Business Analytics & Business Intelligence, Machine Learning is a mandatory skill to have. Making informed decisions & deriving actionable insights from them is possible due to machine learning methods only.
  • If you have ever used voice assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Bixby or Microsoft’s Cortana, you know they are powered by Machine Learning. ML helps computers in understanding spoken languages & in developing Talk to text applications & tools for blind people. Machine Learning specialists can also gain employment as computational linguists to help computers learn patterns of speech & in translating words into other spoken languages. 
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  • Mon, 23-Mar-2020
    Ankur Paul
    Best course in best price.
  • Sat, 04-Apr-2020
    Learning with ACL had been fantastic and fruitful for my career. The way of teaching is remarkable. Also, they help us and clear all the doubts often. The best part of this course is there online learning tool which genuinely helps me in studying from home, during traveling etc. because we can access it from anywhere anytime. They prepared us thoroughly for an interview and scheduled it with the reputed companies too.
  • Sat, 04-Apr-2020
    Suman Kayal
    I have taken AI training from ACL. It's a great learning experience from industry experts having more 10 years of analytical experience. With a couple of capstone projects, I get the industry exposure. Also, helped to perform well in interviews and getting jobs. Thanks ACL!!!
  • Sat, 04-Apr-2020
    Kamalina Mukherjee
    Good learning experience and trainers are well versed with knowledge. Latest approach are adopted to make it more up-to-date. Thanks!!!
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